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Migration Advisory Board

Preliminary election results 2019

  • Eligible voters: 10,240 persons
  • Voters: 1,305 persons
  • Valid votes cast: 3,888
  • Voter turnout: 12.74

21 candidates stood for election to the Jena Migration Advisory Board. They are named here in the order in which they declared their candidacy.

The names of the newly elected members of the advisory board are highlighted in bold. 5 places were given to the candidates who received the most votes for a region. A further 4 places were allocated to the candidates who received the most votes in the following.

Candidate Country of origin Region Votes
Ekinci, Dilara Turkey Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 175

Othman, Ibrahim

Syria Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 548

Al Mahmoud, Fared

Syria Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 13

Alhussein, Farid

Syria Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 141

Allami, Mustafa

Iraq Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 374

Alrweishdi, Mohammad

Syria Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 42

Falfala, Omar

Syria Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 134

Nazari, Seyed Mohammad Reza

Iran Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 93

Tesfagaber, Danait

Eritrea Africa 125

Albrethsen, Gary Steven

USA America 238

Gebreysus, Abel

Eritrea Africa 43

Egbe, Daniel Ayuk Mbi

Cameroon Africa 78

Nizovtsev, Ivan

Russian Federation Eastern Europe 399

Mouhyi, Mohammed

Morocco Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 19

Dr. Kraibooj, Kaswara

Syria Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 75

Hammad, Shymaa

Egypt Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 82

Kvarantan Huber, Lea

Croatia Eastern Europe 209

Al-Mudhaffar, Sana

Iraq Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 381

Mauersberger Pedrosa de Araújo, Rea Silvia

Brazil Americas 310

Taleb, Ammar

Syria Southern Mediterranean/Middle East 43

Wu, Qingfang

China Asia 366

Members thus elected

  • Mr. Albrethsen
  • Mr Allami
  • Mrs Al-Mudhaffar
  • Mrs Kvarantan-Huber
  • Mrs Mauersberger
  • Mr Nizovtsev
  • Mr Othman
  • Mrs Tesfagaber
  • Mrs Wu


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Was ist der Migrationsbeirat?

The Advisory Board for Migration and Integration of the City of Jena (Migration Advisory Board) will be newly elected in 2019 for the next five years.

The Migration Advisory Board represents all residents of Jena who are foreigners and migrants. Its tasks include:

  • Representation of the interests of all foreigners and migrants in Jena.
  • regular meetings (meeting language is German)
  • reporting in the city council
  • Statements on municipal projects that particularly affect foreign and migrant residents

Eligibility to vote according to § 15 of the main statutes

Anyone is eligible to vote who

  • is not German in the sense of Art. 116 Para. 1GG and
  • was born on or before 03.12.2001 and
  • has been registered with main residence in Jena for at least three months without interruption.

Anyone born on or before 03.12.2001 who has been registered in Jena for at least three months without interruption as a main resident and who is

  • is German in the sense of Article 116 Paragraph 1 of the German Basic Law and has acquired this legal status as a foreign resident through naturalisation in Germany or
  • is a German within the meaning of Article 116 (1) of the Basic Law and at the same time possesses a foreign nationality or
  • has come to the Federal Republic as a German within the meaning of Article 116 (1) of the Basic Law, or
  • whose father or mother is not a German or is not a German within the meaning of Article 116 (1) of the Basic Law.

Electoral roll

All residents who are entitled to vote in accordance with § 15 of the main statutes are included in the electoral roll, insofar as the prerequisites for the entitlement to vote can be determined by the city of Jena. On the basis of the electoral roll the documents for the postal vote are sent.

Postal vote

The election of the migration advisory board takes place in the form of a postal vote. This means that eligible voters will receive all voting documents by mail to their homes as of 12.11.2019.

Eligible voters who have not received postal voting documents should contact the Office for Migration and Integration, Saalbahnhofstraße 9.

  • Those who are eligible to vote and have not been included in the electoral roll can still be included until 22.11.2019.
  • Those who are eligible to vote and are on the electoral roll but have not received absentee ballot papers can still get the papers until 29.11.2019. Lost voting documents will not be replaced.

The voting documents consist of:

  • an information and leaflet
  • a ballot paper with surname, first name, date of birth, residential address and affidavit
  • a ballot paper
  • a ballot paper envelope
  • a return envelope (ballot paper envelope) with the address of the polling station.

On the ballot paper, the affidavit must be signed, stating the place and date, that the person entitled to vote has marked the ballot paper himself.

Three votes may be given on the ballot to one or to different candidates. The choices must be clearly identifiable.

The ballot paper is placed in the ballot paper envelope and sealed. Ballot envelope and ballot paper are placed together in the return envelope. The return envelope is sealed and sent to the address printed on it. The return is free of charge.

Important: A ballot can only be considered if it is received in the Elections Office by 12/03/2019 at midnight.


Residents of Jena who wish to be elected as an honorary member of the Migration Advisory Board can register as a candidate during the designated period, from 09.10. to 29.10.2019, at the Citizens and Family Service, Löbdergraben 12. The Office for Migration and Integration, Saalbahnhofstraße 9 is also accepting candidatures.

An admissible candidate is:

  • himself/herself entitled to vote according to § 15 of the main statutes
  • born on or before 03.12.2001
  • not excluded according to § 2 or § 3 of the main statutes
Date Action
09.10. - 29.10.2019

Submission of election proposals or candidacies in the Office for Migration and Integration.

Last opportunity to submit election proposals on 29.10.2019 is the insertion until 24:00 in the deadline mailbox of the city of Jena, Am Anger 15 in 07743 Jena.

afterwards Examination of the election proposals
as of 12.11.2019 Dispatch of the election documents to all eligible voters

until 22.11.2019

Issue of replacement ballot papers

Last possible election day on which ballots must be received in the election office by 24:00 hours

Last possibility to hand in the ballot papers on 03.12.2019 is the insertion until 24:00 o'clock in the deadline mailbox of the city of Jena, Am Anger 15 in 07743 Jena.

04./05.12.2019 Counting and publication of the election results
  • Thuringian law on elections in the districts and municipalities
  • Thuringian municipal election regulations
  • Main statute of the city of Jena

Office for Migration and Integration

Day Times
Monday 09:00 - 15:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 15:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 15:00
Thursday 09:00 - 15:00
Friday 09:00 - 15:00 o'clock

As well as by appointment.

Citizen and family service

Day Times
Monday 09:00 - 13:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 13:00
Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
Friday 09:00 - 13:00